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Protect Yourself with Professional & General Liability Insurance

Not carrying liability insurance is a huge risk—a single law- suit has the potential to bankrupt your business. At any time, in any given situation, a dissatisfied individual can choose to bring a complaint against you. When people file a lawsuit, they usually name everyone they perceive as being involved in the situation—including you, your business and even those who share your office space. As a general rule, claimants sue as many individuals as possible. Even if you win the lawsuit, the legal fees can be staggering. ACSM offers an affordable, flexible Professional and General Liability insurance program that will provide comprehensive coverage for professionals nationwide.

Program Highlights

  • Choice of liability limits up to a maximum $2 million per claim / $4 million aggregate per year.
  • Claims-made policy form covers acts or omissions that occurred since the policy's inception and resulted in a claim during the policy's effective period, provided there have been no gaps in coverage.
  • Coverage enhancements include: limited defense for sexual assault allegations; bodily injury and property damage due to performance of your professional duties.


ACSM members and ACSM certified professionals may apply for coverage.

NOTE: Coverage is being offered through the Allied Health Professional Purchasing Group, a risk purchasing group that was established for Allied Healthcare Professionals. By completing an application and purchasing the insurance, you are becoming a member of the Allied Health Professional Purchasing Group.

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